Stop raging. Do your work.

Are you here to change the world or be the change you want to see in the world? I know some of you reading this know that you are. If you look at the dark and believe there should be more light, if you want to raise the vibration of the earth, if you wish to help people awaken, if you consider yourself a light worker, healer, facilitator, agent of change of any kind then I ask you to consider this…

If you are here to change the world, for you to complete your task/mission/purpose there must be something to change. If you consider yourself a light worker, then there must be dark that needs light or you will not be able to reach your intention. So to change the world there must be things that need changing. To enlighten the world there must be things that need enlightening. To heal the world there must be things that need healing. If this is true, then why rage at the dark, the low vibration, the wounded? Without it you cannot do your work and fulfill your purpose. The sun lights the earth. That is what it does. Can you imagine if it got angry every time it was called to work? That’s a lot of energy wasted on things other than doing the work it was created to do.

Embrace the knowing that change is happening. That is happening through you and with you when you make the conscious choice. It is through those changes that we are given the opportunity to fulfill our role in this world. If you are here to change the world then do it with thoughtfulness, mindfulness, awareness and kindness.

Bless the dark. Bless the light. Do your work and don’t waste time on raging against what is, raging against the very thing that gives you the work you were meant to do.




Be Passionate About What You Love Not What You Fear – If you want to be happy and heard

I have seen an increase of disagreements on social media recently. We all know what has happened in the political and judicial world this week, but I am not focusing on that in this post. Tonight I want to talk about how and why we respond to some people we disagree with differently than other people we disagree with. The difference is simple, love or fear.

Most of us have passionate beliefs, ones that we build our lives around. Then when something happens in the larger reality that disagrees with or challenges our beliefs we respond. How we respond is what I have been watching.

There are people who disagree with you but you are able to read/hear their opinion and “get” what they are saying even if you don’t agree. Then there are others who as soon as they open their mouth/start to type you can feel your blood boil. What is the difference? The difference is love or fear, for both the sender and receiver.

When someone speaks of something they are passionate about because it brings them joy/love/happiness. They communicate differently than those whose passion about something is born from fear.

When someone comes from the experience of love and joy in their life the energy and the words of their communication is different. They may ask or invite you to consider something or maybe even just tell you what their experience has been but it lacks the edge of “if you don’t believe me we will all die/go to hell” or “you are an idiot”. They can and do stand up for themselves if needed but without putting anyone else down. This is where reasonable communication can happen even when people disagree and it’s based in love/happiness and joy.

The communication that starts in fear garners, grows and builds more fear. That is why your blood boils. That is why you see red. At least you do, until you know you don’t need to anymore. And you won’t need to anymore once you understand that those people who are calling names, screaming and yelling, being nasty and ugly are the ones who are the most scared and fearful. They live a life that requires you agree with all they say/believe or terrible things will happen. Their life depends on you agreeing with them and they don’t even know you. Can you image how terrifying that must be?

Then of course there is how we choose to respond. If you find yourself wanting to scream and yell and call names in response to someone else, regardless of what they say, then my questions for you would be are you coming from that place of love/joy/happiness or are you coming from that place of fear? Why do you need them to agree with you in this moment? Why do you need anything at all from them?

Be passionate about what you love, about what brings you happiness. That is where your ability to change your life, to change the world lives. We don’t need everyone to agree with us to change the world. Let that go.



Is your life your choice?  I believe it is.

Did you choose to get out of bed today?

Did you choose to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Did you choose something you know is NOT healthy for you?

Did you choose to kiss your lover?

Did you choose to hug your children?

Did you choose to go to work?

Did you choose to acknowledge that someone you see EVERY day?

Did you choose to try that one thing that scared you today?

Did you choose your route to work?

Did you choose to listen to that intuition in your head?

Did you choose to be kind to someone?

Did you choose to be rude to someone?

Did you choose to watch TV?  What did you choose to watch?

Did you choose to cry when you felt the sting of tears – laugh with the bubble of laughter?

Did you choose the tightness of stress or the quiet of calm?

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer to these.  The fact is that you chose.  Every day you have lived your life you chose.  That is what has brought you to this very moment in reading this.  Your life has the level of meaning that you chose to give it with the daily choices you make.   And to quote someone else – “If you choose nothing you have still made a choice.” Or something like that.

Is your life your choice?  Yes it is.

So go choose, my friend. Choose to give your live purpose. That purpose you keep looking for outside of you. Make your choices your life’s purpose. Make your life’s purpose your choice.



Why Forgive?

Forgiveness is one of the strongest spiritual teachers available to us while we are on this earth.  We are here as humans to experience the highest ideals we can express in physical form. These ideals include compassion, true love of self and others, knowing who we truly are, creating meaning in our lives, forgiveness and healing.  Forgiveness and healing go hand in hand.  It is impossible to experience one without the other.  They are as tightly intertwined as the strands of our DNA.  When we are willing to forgive we allow ourselves to heal.

When we feel we have been betrayed, abandoned, attacked, traumatized or harmed in any way we are given the opportunity to stretch our forgiveness wings.   The depth and width of the forgiveness is equal to the harm we believe was caused.  The deeper and wider we need to go in our forgiveness the greater our ability to heal ourselves and others.  No person needs to be a part of our forgiveness work, we never need to ask approval or actively bring someone into else into our experience.  It is all our experience and healing for us.  We cannot forgive without healing and we cannot heal without forgiving.  So why forgive?  Forgive for yourself, for your healing, for your joy and your spiritual growth.

As long as we are humans on this earth we have had and will continue to have opportunities for forgiveness until we are enlightened.  Many of us know of the spiritual qualities we desire to live. Sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking that we “should” forgive because that is the “right” spiritual thing to do. Please remember that Jesus, Buddha and any other enlightened human who has walked this earth did what they did not because they “should”, but because it was the truth of who they were.  We cannot “should” ourselves into true forgiveness, the kind that removes all pain from the experience. It can only be done with true and intent desire for healing and a willingness to let go and trust.

Quiet Please

We should never believe everything we think.  We are more intuitive and connected than we often think we are.  Thoughts are energy and they move around this earth looking for humans who are are receptive to them in that moment. Those humans don’t have to be receptive to them at any other time in their lives just that one moment when they float by.

What that means for us is that the moment we are in and what we are receptive to can cause us to “think” different things. If we are in a place of pain or fear due to something that happened in our life we become more receptive to similar thought patterns and our resistance to more of those entering into our energy is down. This can cause a spiral downward.

This of course works the other way.  If we are in a place of joy or love due to something that happened in our life we become more receptive to similar thought patterns causing a spiral up. But right now we will focus on the downward spiral.

So it is a good thing we have some options. We could choose to never have a painful or fearful experience in our life so the negative thoughts have nothing to attach to to cause a downward spiral. We could “fake it” and pretend that our pain or fear is not really affecting us so we don’t attract any negative thoughts (just for clarity, the thoughts don’t pay any attention to the lies we may tell ourselves or others – they know fear like animals do). We can just accept that we are victims to our human experience for that day or for the rest of our life and just allow the negative thoughts fly in and twist how we see things possibly causing illness and other negative or painful experiences, ie drama.

Or – or just maybe we can understand that, as spiritual as we may be, the human experience often has fear and pain as part of the experience. And if/when we find our human experience is one of pain we go quiet. No fight, no denial, no jumping on the pain bandwagon, no victimhood. We acknowledge that moment of pain, go quietly into it and remain spiritually quiet.  We experience it and do not attach to it. It may be the truth of our human life experience for the moment but it does not define us unless we wish it to.  There is no rule book in mandatory feelings in response to our experiences, those are our choice.  The choices made in the quiet are often  the strongest and most real ones available to us.

When we understand this and live it, those negative thoughts flying around will simply fly on by.  There will be nothing to attach to.  When we do this we experience the purity of the pain and remain centered within it. It does not control us nor does it build to a place in our mind where the worst possible outcome suddenly seems like the only thing that could happen. And we move through it more easily and clearly with grace intact.

On a final note – Living the “right” spiritual life does not mean a life without pain or grief or even extreme difficulty. No one gets out of this human experience with their human body in tact.  But living a spiritual life with love at the center will allow you gain the clearest,most loving human experience possible, regardless of the pain.

But that is for another post.