Why Forgive?

Forgiveness is one of the strongest spiritual teachers available to us while we are on this earth.  We are here as humans to experience the highest ideals we can express in physical form. These ideals include compassion, true love of self and others, knowing who we truly are, creating meaning in our lives, forgiveness and healing.  Forgiveness and healing go hand in hand.  It is impossible to experience one without the other.  They are as tightly intertwined as the strands of our DNA.  When we are willing to forgive we allow ourselves to heal.

When we feel we have been betrayed, abandoned, attacked, traumatized or harmed in any way we are given the opportunity to stretch our forgiveness wings.   The depth and width of the forgiveness is equal to the harm we believe was caused.  The deeper and wider we need to go in our forgiveness the greater our ability to heal ourselves and others.  No person needs to be a part of our forgiveness work, we never need to ask approval or actively bring someone into else into our experience.  It is all our experience and healing for us.  We cannot forgive without healing and we cannot heal without forgiving.  So why forgive?  Forgive for yourself, for your healing, for your joy and your spiritual growth.

As long as we are humans on this earth we have had and will continue to have opportunities for forgiveness until we are enlightened.  Many of us know of the spiritual qualities we desire to live. Sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking that we “should” forgive because that is the “right” spiritual thing to do. Please remember that Jesus, Buddha and any other enlightened human who has walked this earth did what they did not because they “should”, but because it was the truth of who they were.  We cannot “should” ourselves into true forgiveness, the kind that removes all pain from the experience. It can only be done with true and intent desire for healing and a willingness to let go and trust.