I LOVE how the same thing can mean something very different depending ONLY on where I am in life.

Take the rain –

Living in Arizona for so many years, the rain always thrilled me – the coolness, clarity and the scent, oh my, the scent.  Is there anything that smells cleaner to me?  Not much.  I loved it so much I was sure I would love Portland.

So I moved to Portland.

I did love Portland – And I lost my love of the rain, at least rain every day.  It was no longer cool and clean.  It became cold, moldy and dark.  I learned I missed the HUGE blue sky of Phoenix, the smell of the orange blossoms and the feeling of the daily warmth of the sun.

My perception change from rain as a gift to rain as a pain thrilled me!

Rain is rain, right?  Or does it depend on how I see the rain more than the actual rain itself?

So, how we see things can actually be more important than the thing itself.  Think about the freedom that comes with that.  It is not about “what” it is but it is about our perception of it.  And our perception is ours.  We choose it, we control it, we can change it, if we want.



Surrender My Luv

There are ideas that are floating just outside of my consciousness.  I find myself trying to grasp them at least long enough so that they can take form in a way that I can understand.  Dancing outside on the fringes of what I know are concepts that I will soon embrace as truth.  The wisdom of the universe is sitting quietly waiting for me to open up and finally know that it has always been there, to remind me of what I have always known.  The universe is calmly and with love and gentle expectancy teasing my awareness to widen.  I don’t know if the pictures I am seeing are things that have already happened or if they are things I have yet to experience.  Then, as I write this I understand that it is both.  It is what I have done, am doing and will do all designed together into a beautiful picture of truth. I understand that all of this is the key to where I am going or who I am becoming.  And so it is clear that I am to surrender.  I am to surrender to the unknown that is already known.

Healing Is Personal

We all desire to have a healthy physical body, healthy mental outlook and healthy emotional experiences but how we get to that place is a very personal experience.

Why is it that even the most aware of us humans believe it is okay for us to tell others how they need to heal themselves?  It is always interesting to me when I am a member of such a conversation and I hear one human say to another, “This is how you heal and this is the only right way to do it.”  Even when someone has education, training or personal experience I always question it when they tell me that their way is the only option.

The truth is, as much as all sides are loath to admit it, people heal with western medical treatments AND people heal with eastern, energetic, holistic, herbal treatments.  The healing is personal and will always be based on the human’s body, human’s experience but the soul’s experience/desire/agreement will always take priority.  No one can heal someone else, ever.  They may hold the keys to help the other unlock their own healing if the client is willing but no one can “make” someone else heal if that someone is not in a place to allow it.  Question anyone who tells you otherwise.

Spiritual Chaos?

Why is it a fully accepted practice in many belief systems to subjugate our personal experiences, knowledge and even our own connection to a Divine power to another human being’s definition of it?

Is it possible that someone else can know more about your relationship to your higher power than you?  What would that person have to do for you to defer to them?  How could someone prove to you that you should trust your spiritual self to their definition?

Or is your relationship with the Divine yours and my relationship with the Divine mine?  What if they are different?  How is that possible? Or is it impossible that everyone’s relationship would be the same?

Sounds like spiritual chaos.  Or possibly an opportunity for growth and awareness, learning and understanding, acceptance and tolerance.

Sometimes you just need to lay on the floor and cry

I spent part of yesterday afternoon laying in the middle of my living room floor crying.  I mean really crying.  You know those sobs that rack your body and make you a snot machine?  Yup, that is what I did while my Tobey and the kittens sat there watching me.  Now, if you are reading this and you know me at all you have already seen me cry.  I cry when I am sad, angry, touched and happy.  If you don’t know me you probably never want to as I am sure that the earlier sentence has just scared you away.  Ha!  Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that crying is a natural part of being human, for me.  And, I embrace it for anyone and everyone who is interested!

See, I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to put up blocks when there is something I do not want to face or to do.  I can be VERY stubborn and sometimes it takes me breaking down in the middle of the living room floor in tears to finally let go and allow the inner guidance/higher self/divine wisdom come out.  As the voice of the Divine said to me  yesterday “You don’t need to let me in – you  need to let me out”.  These sessions are always clearing and cleansing for me.  I surrender and let go of how I think it should be and let myself be shown what can be.  Well, I saw it and it is beautiful.  I understand that my fear of being judged has kept me in a holding pattern of sorts.   As soon as I fear that I will be judged I am judging someone else.  It is amazing how it works out.  I love the paradox of life.

And so it is time to jump off of the cliff, again.  I know that I am already being held so the “jumping” is only in my experience of being human.  My spirit is already flying.